Buyers: go to your Home Inspection

I realize that some peoples schedules' prevent them from attending the home inspection. But if you can be available, can carve out the 3 hours or so the inspection takes, then it will be worth your while to attend. First of all its the time to address anything you noticed about the house – sloping floors, cracks in the foundation, old electric outlets, drafty windows your home inspector can explain these and any other issues that arise. If your not knowledgable regarding the workings of the house, (and most people aren't) by the end of the inspection you'll at least have a passing acquaintance with the major systems of the house (10 or so – depending on the house) and how those systems support and protect the house and provide the house with its comfort and convenience. Make the home inspector earn his money and you'll be entering home ownership (a wonderful thing) better prepared than you were before the inspection.